Oliver Rath was born in 1978 in Heidelberg, Germany, and died earlier this year in Berlin.  Though he was talented in many ways, he was known primarily for his gritty, realistic, raw photography.  If you read his bio there’s not much more you need to say about him that his photos won’t tell you.

Although Rath took a wide variety of photos, I found his nudes to be elevated to something more – there’s a story behind each shot which is a little cracked, a little dangerous, a little kinky, a little crazy.  Often you feel as if you’ve stumbled into a scene that you’re not supposed to have been part of – watching something you shouldn’t know is happening.  But then you realize no one minds … and you can stare all you want.

While Roth is no longer here to share glimpses into seductive and secret scenarios, he leaves behind a trove of work to either discover or revisit.


"Nonfiction" photo by Oliver Rath

“Nonfiction” photo by Oliver Rath

Find more of Oliver Rath’s work here and explore for yourself.

**All photographs courtesy of Oliver Rath.