If you haven’t heard of Joseph – The Boy Who Cried Books – now’s your chance to get on board.  With a tumblr, a youtube channel, and a Goodreads list, this guy can help you sort out the fantastic from the forgettable when it comes to Queer Lit.

His list of the Queer Fiction he’s read runs the gamut from classic gay stories to a witch trilogy set in Sweden, from a boy discovering he has HIV to a book about alien conspiracy and bisexuality.  From a fantasy book about a bi/pan intersex character who runs away and joins a circus to lesbians who kill zombies.  From a collection of queer and trans people of color to  the autobiographical graphic novel by Alison Bechdel (of the Bechdel Test).  No matter what you like to read, or read about – you’re bound to find something on his list to dive into.